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Integrative Healing Classes

* In January 2021 I will be teaching a series of self-healing classes using energy healing techniques at The Foundation for Living Beauty -

Introduction to Integrative Healing

Open to the public. This 4-hour class is composed of lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice. You will learn the basics of human energy systems along with powerful techniques and skills you can use right away to help yourselves and others.


Integrative Healing level I

Open to the public. This 6-hour class is composed of lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice. You will learn basic Integrative Healing skills. You'll learn how to clear acupuncture meridians, and how to locate blockages in the energy flow of the body. Then you will be taught how to put together your new skills into a full-body protocol to help yourself and others to alleviate pain and dysfunction.


Integrative Healing Practicum

Open to Integrative Healing Students: This four-hour workshop is designed to help you practice the Healing skills you learned in Introduction to Integrative Healing level I under instructor supervision. I will offer you feedback and help you perfect the skills you have learned.

Mentoring For Therapists

Mentoring can support you in any aspect of your professional practice. It can help you learn how to build and promote your professional practice. Through mentoring I can also give you thoughtful feedback about challenges you encounter in your practice of Energy Medicine.


My Published Articles

​I am a nationally published Alternative Medicine author and several of my articles are posted on my 'Expert' page at Click this link to view them:

Energy Healing
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